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External funding overview

External funding overview

As one of the biggest R&D centers in Europe, EDC effectively uses external funding – both from the European Union and domestic sources – to support development of the newest technologies and innovative products for our customers, as well as to increase EDC’s internal capacity and capability which is vital for organization working in the fast-changing tech environment.

Since 2008 EDC has effectively used financial support provided by the European Union through the following programmes:

2014 – 2020 EU financial perspective

  • Operational Programme Smart Growth
    • Priority I – Support for R&D activity of enterprises
    • Priority IV – Increasing the research potential
  • Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development
    • Priority II – Effective public policies for the labour market, economy and education
  • Clean Sky 2 (Horizon 2020)

2007 – 2013 EU financial perspective

  • Operational Programme Innovative Economy
    • Priority IV – Investments in innovative undertakings
  • Clean Sky 1 (7th Framework Programme)

EDC also uses financial support from the national programmes:

  • Track for Mazovia (competition co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development)

For EDC procurements related to the externally funded projects, visit PROCUREMENTS section.

Our externally funded projects portfolio includes:

R&D projects

New Heat Resistant Composite Material

Innovative 3D Design For Turbojet Engines

Hybrid Electric Technologies for NGNB

Power Turbine with Additively Manufactured Components

Generic Test Platform for Safety Critical Systems

Cooling Technology Development Project

Compressor Development Project

Research and Development Center for New Technologies of emission reduction and combustion optimization

CFD Computing Center

Training/Internship projects

Top 100 – Economy Innovators

Academy of Innovation Manager

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