TROPHY – Technological Research On Propulsion by Hydrogen

The objective of the TROPHY project is to both support the concepts already developed in the HYDEA (HYdrogen DEmonstrator for Aviation) project and enable their transition to the next level. This will allow the start of design, further development and final development of a hydrogen-powered aircraft engine within a defined timeframe. One of the key objectives of the TROPHY project is to provide an engine fuel system that will be used for ground testing as part of the HYDEA project. If the plans are successful, it will undoubtedly be a technological leap for the entire aviation industry, contributing not only to the development of a new propulsion system, but also to clear progress towards the main goal of the program, i.e. the introduction of a zero-emission aircraft into service.

TROPHY’s chances of success greatly benefit from the fact that it will be developed by a consortium which is diverse in the nature of their operations  and includes large OEMs, SMEs and RTOs. Six different countries will be involved in the project: France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Turkey. For more information on the project as well as full list of entities involved in its implementation, please visit CORDIS database.


1 January 2024 – 31 December 2026


Total budget: € 29 012 882,57 incl. € 20 599 024,07 of EU grant

GE Aerospace Poland total budget: € 665 559,60 incl. € 465 891,72 of EU grant