EDC Aviation

EDC Aviation concentrates its efforts on delivering reliable and competitive product such as jet engines, helicopter engines, marine engines, as well as stationary engines.

People at EDC come from a variety of best Polish and foreign technical universities and have been chosen during a thorough and carefully planned recruitment process.

EDC is a design center – we work on new ideas which are later on implemented into engine. When the design has been approved we overview introduction to manufacturing and take responsibility for the quality of the parts made by different vendors all over the world. Moreover, we take care of test planning and oversee when the engine is already running during the test. Our final responsibilities include monitoring the engine fleet behavior to deliver a reliable product for the global economy.

For nearly 20 years, our engineers dedicated their time and skills to develop family of world class jet engines.

Starting with CF6, in production for more than 30 years, proven and reliable design that still finds appreciation and new customers. Our deep involvement continues with the large turbofan engines, GEnx and GE90 that are being successfully used for widebody applications to carry passengers to various destinations around the world.  Our passion for innovation in aviation and expertise resulted in responsible roles in project CFM56 and its successor LEAP engine. Altogether they already suppressed unprecedented 1 billion flight hours. Our latest product is modern, turboprop engine. A technology breakthrough in its class with additively manufactured parts, high pressure turbine cooling and high-pressure compressor ratio of 16:1. It is developed in cooperation with engineering teams from Italy, Czech Republic and Germany.

Working for Aviation is a challenging task but GE engineers have proved that it is able to meet all tough requirements and deliver world-class designs.