After a two year break due to the pandemic, in 2022 we came back with a bang. This year during the 11th Night at the Institute of Aviation we featured two stands dedicated to GE Aerospace and GE Gas Power. Both of them with amazing exhibitions and engineers willing to share their knowledge.

At GE Aerospace stand you were able to see:

  • GEnx fan blade,
  • 3D printed jet engine model,
  • Flight simulator,
  • CFM56 engine,
  • 3D printed Catalyst modules.

Our engineers from GE Gas Power proved that Night at Institute of Aviation is more than aviation festival.

At GE Gas Power stand they featured:

  • 3D printed 9E.04 4th stage blade,
  • Live 3D printing of miniature blades,
  • Metal HGP parts,
  • Antonov Diorama with LM Aero + Haliade-X + 9HA.02 – all in the same scale,
  • Computer with simplified PMI and space pilot,
  • …and more!

It has been an amazing night both for us and for the people who visited Night at the Institute of Aviation! This year more than 58 000 people visited the event. Our volunteers are willing to host even more engineering enthusiasts next year so brace yourselves!