Research and development in EDC

EDC as one of the biggest engineering centers in Europe is a hub for multiple Research and Development projects. We are an organization that draws on the long scientific tradition and latest technologies of General Electric and Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation. With this robust foundation, qualified R&D engineers, world-class research infrastructure, and innovation spirit we constantly develop state-of-the-art technologies and products allowing to solve problems and address needs of our customers.

Scope of research

Our Research and Development programs focus on aircraft engines (especially design, analyses, testing and sophisticated manufacturing methods) as well as power engineering technologies. We specialize in the design of aircraft propulsion systems and composite airframe structures. Our company creates and tests safety critical software and avionics systems. It also develops engines fleet management applications and aircraft health monitoring solutions based on the Big Data analyzes. Our engineering teams use innovative additive technologies that are a part of the fourth industrial revolution. This places us among the top industry research centers in Poland, Europe, and even the world. Part of our activities are co-founded by EU R&D financing programs.

Research infrastructure

Our engineers can conduct research activities in 1o modern laboratories: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Component Test Lab, Engine Training Laboratory, FBO Whirligig Test Laboratory, Additive Laboratory, Avionics and Onboard Systems Lab (SKYLAB), Advanced Production Technologies Center, Materials Technology Laboratory, Repair Development Center (Gas Turbine Center) and Maintenance & Development Laboratory. We provide constant investment in our R&D infrastructure to assure we have access to latest, most advanced research capabilities.


GE’s CatalystTM – a new turboprop engine

Propeller Systems