Propeller Systems

Since year 2014 EDC Aviation Systems and its Propellers D&A department has been cooperating on daily basis with Dowty Propellers, one of a key parts of GE Aviation System division. Dowty Propellers is a business name of GE Aviation Systems Ltd. which is an engineering company based in United Kingdom, a leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of electronically controlled, all-composite propeller systems.
Projects executed by EDC Propellers Team are related to the support of Dowty’s products  which are used in applications that range from commercial airliners and military airlifters to multi-role seaplanes and marine hovercraft. EDC is taking part in the projects aimed at the development of propeller systems. Together with Dowty we are looking at how to introduce new technologies, improve current designs and create a new solution to meet our Customer’s needs. Our projects are broken down into several key areas. We are focused on the development of aero-acoustic designs as well as on improvement of manufacturing, stress analysis and control system solutions. We use lean methodology to constantly increase our skills and to get better. We are also regularly investigating new methods of manufacturing composite blades to even more effectively respond to the needs of the aviation market.

Referring to research and development works, the EDC team supports Dowty in the following programs:

  • Development of propeller system for the aviation application which is the Modern Ark 700 (MA700) a new generation medium-range civil turboprop aircraft (under development by Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation),
  • Development of propeller system for the marine application which is a shrouded airscrew for a new military hovercraft named Ship to Shore Connector (SSC), also known as the LCAC 100 class (the next generation of the Landing Craft, Air Cushion under development by Textron Systems Corporation).