On Friday, October 11th, EDC took part in the 10th Night at the Institute of Aviation. More than 51 000 visitors participated in this enormous night educational events in Poland. This year’s theme was UFO.

Exhibitors from aerospace industry and scientific community from all over Poland came to Warsaw October 11th to present their marvels to general public. For the night Engineering Design Center opened two of our laboratories for the guests – Material Laboratory and (for the first time ever) Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. We also had a dedicated zone full of attractions for the guests. They were able to watch our 3D printing show and multimedia exhibition with videos explaining ins and outs of engineering, 3D printed elements made by our employees and engine components. For the first time we had a dedicated stand, where we exhibited Catalyst’s components and explained, why this project is so important not only for the Aviation industry, but also for the environment. A treat for the youngest was a working model of turbofan engine made from LEGO blocks.

Our digital engineers also prepared great surprise for the guests. Visitors were able to try out flight simulator built for the last year’s Hackathon. What is more digital stand offered live transmission of EDC Hackathon Drones, which took place at the same time on EDC campus. It was the 3rd time EDC Digital Team organized Hackathon. The event is getting a great recognition in programming circles in Poland. This year we had 110 submissions from people willing to take part in this unique 24h non-stop coding experience. Top 4 teams had to set up autonomous drone system and accomplish high level tasks without human pilot assistance. Competition was fierce, but programmers did a great job. Team One More Flight triumphed and walked out from Hackathone with DJI Spark drones.

Check out edc.pl for more information about EDC’s participation in the event (en). If you want to know more about 10th Night at The Institute of Aviation visit ILOT’s site.

To know more about EDC Hackathones read news piece about the event (en). You can also find a lot of photos and videos on our Facebook Hackathon Event (pl) and check out information about last year’s edition 2018 Flight Simulator Hackathon (en).