Some people say that life is about enjoying little things and our HealthAhead Team decided to prove them right!

However, because their main focus is our well-being, they couldn’t resist and added a health twist to it.  For this reason they organized Bike Event during which there was a plethora of bike related attractions waiting for our employees.

The event took place on Tuesday, September 6th on our campus and here’s what was on the agenda:

  • funny bikes challenge – a chance to ride on unusual bicycles and win small prizes (the bikes included only left turns, monocycle, no steering wheel, mini bmx and more),
  • an opportunity to try out different types of electric bikes,
  • bike service,
  • energy bikes – where you could race with your friends on a car track powered by riding a bicycle,
  • meeting with HA Team and HA Bikers group leaders (the latter prepared quiz with prizes!),
  • pre-paid coffee and ice cream/lemonade bikes.

It was incredible to enjoy bike rides in September sun and if you ask us this was a rather big thing that the HA Team prepared for us!

It’s important to add that Bike Event is part of Bike Month at EDC – a celebration of bike culture that lasts throughout September.