We try to adapt to the realities of the contemporary labor market; therefore, we organized a student meeting on our campus.

And…making long story short, it turned out to be very successful!

Large numbers of students have already applied for particular job positions or GE internships, what was proceeded by visitations in our labs and engine rooms, where they took a good look at CF6/CFM56/CT7 engines and had a chance to observe live 3D printing process.

Except the campus’ buildings tour, we prepared for them sessions with managers and Q&A. The latter was aimed at helping the participants with getting more familiarized with our company: what we do, our mission, structures etc.

Since many applications have been already submitted, we’re crossing our fingers and “keeping our thumbs” for our organization to expand thanks to some new talented employees, as well as looking forward to setting up another student meeting, here, at our Campus.