It’s no secret that our world in the most part revolves around aviation but is not limited to it, as we also love helping others. Each year we get involved in a lot of volunteering initiatives, some of which are organized when the need arises and some became well established traditions that take place on a regular basis. That’s why is should be no surprise that when a blood donating session was organized on our campus we barely kept up with writing down the names of our volunteers who declared their participation.

We are very proud to report that during the session we managed to collect 8.55 liters of blood from dozens of volunteers! Those numbers could have been bigger but we simply run out of time and available space.

Also to give you some perspective, the blood donated can be used in 3 heart surgeries, 1 liver transplant or can cover 40% of the demand after a road accident (on a sidenote – every driver should donate blood at least once!).

Many thanks to everyone who got involved in organizing the event as well as those who took part in it. Your help and commitment is truly invaluable!