The month of June is internationally recognized as Pride Month, and once again we were very happy to join in the celebrations and express our support to LGBTQ+ community as well as encourage greater acceptance and backing for everyone. Our purpose is to make a lasting change in order to ensure that our workplace is a safe, inclusive and better place for everyone all year round.

As we believe that acceptance stems from knowledge and understanding, we engaged in a lot of different activities to reach as wide an audience as possible. Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to:

  • a special broadcast where we talked about the latest goings-on of our support for LGBTQ+. Since we also wanted to know the thoughts of our employees, beforehand we asked them to submit their questions and we did our best to address them during our discussion,
  • participation in AWO that was organized in GE Healthcare in Cracow, where our representative had a chance to advance our inclusion and diversity journey and find a local approach to set-up The Pride Alliance hub in Poland,
  • sending an open invitation to join us during the Warsaw Equality Parade where we could personally support the whole initiative,
  • and finally, to achieve our goal, we prepared a special article on the history of Pride where we shared some historic facts including one of its most iconic symbols, i.e., the rainbow flag.

It is our sincere hope, that thanks to all the above, we are one step closer to truly make our workplace a place of support and inclusiveness, where everyone can be their true selves.