Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to work with people who are totally passionate about their work.

Having bought a 3D printer our very own engineer Maciej Kranik decided to put it to use in the area that he is an expert in. And so, he found an open license jet engine model, made some tweaks so that it would have all the features he cared about (including planetary gearbox with electric power motor) and got to work.

In this case work meant a week and a half of printing. Additionally, it took almost 100 screws, more than 1 kg of plastic (PLA) and a ton of ingenuity. There were some unexpected bumps during the road but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. When the final screw was tightened the result was simply stunning.

You can watch the whole process of its creation here.

In the meantime there is just one last thing to be said – kudos!