volunThis is the next year when GE Volunteers decided to use their teaching skills to help children at school.  As part of educational volunteering program our engineers cooperate with Warsaw Children’s Home number 9. The directors and the children very cheerfully accepted the support of our volunteers, who offer their knowledge and skills to educate primary and secondary school pupils. They teach mathematics, chemistry, physics and English.

What is more, our volunteers also collaborate with the Academy of the Future, organize regular meetings of the Young Explorers Club. Activities take place at the Institute of Aviation and involve conducting experiments in physics and chemistry. The children have possibility to take part in aircraft model-making and assemble/disassemble benches by using cordless driver drills, build of electric engine models, create their own models of rocket, powered by solid fuel booster. After the trainings they are able to visit engine laboratories and aeroplanes (TS-11 Iskra, Jak-23, TS-8 Bies), sit in the cabin of Bies, see presentation of 3D printing, ride by hovercraft.

“At EDC, I took an interest in charity work through a friend at work, Adrian, who had previously joined in many of our corporate campaigns. He began organizing meetings of the Young Explorers Club and GE Volunteers in our center. And then I thought, “Why not help him?” Lessons with the kids were a real hit – with many participants, a wonderful atmosphere and a lot of good vibes, this is sometimes so hard to find in our daily cares and problems. I think that EDC employees are above all enthusiasts, people who cannot live without sacrifice, without the things they love. This is also visible in their engineering designs which are enjoying more and more success worldwide.” – said Marek, GE Aviation, GE Volunteers.

Additionally, at the end of 2015 GE Volunteers have started to cooperate with secondary school number 114 in Warsaw, which offers students an aviation classes. During last two lessons our engineers
taught about the history of Aviation in Warsaw and shared ‘spotting’ passion by showing pictures of aircrafts.

GE Volunteers also help in minor matters. This Saturday, January 16th our employees in conjunction with youngsters from the Children’s Home will assist in building bird feeding station and making models of airplanes. In conclusion, children are able to not only learn theory, but also participate in many practical activities, which develop creativity, interest and their passion.