On July 18th and 19th our Edisons were in Farnborough, United Kingdom, attending one of the biggest Airshows in Europe – FIA2022.

The group of Jakub Kosidło, Dawid Słomski, Aleksandra Kwiecień, Szymon Retwiński, Sara Markovic, Luca Montoli, Michał Forysiak, Krzysztof Ewertowski and Matteo Sarti with their EEDP leader – Wojciech Sierant had a pleasure of taking part in the event. During those two days, Edisons saw around 1500 exhibitors from 48 countries, with sectors ranging from Aviation along with Space, through Defence and Sustainability. Also, they enjoyed many static exhibitions, where Qatar’s Dreamliner 787 (with GEnx engines) and Boeing 777 (with GE90-115 engines) were shown outside with an opportunity to see pilot cabins. Moreover, Boeing 777X powered by GE9X, Boeing 737-MAX, Airbus A350-900, Embrarer 190 Tech Shark, Black Eagles Display Team, RAF F35 and Eurofighter Typhoon flew during dynamic exhibition.

It was an amazing experience from young engineers’ perspective – to see the most incredible aircraft and the direction in which the entire aviation industry is heading.