GE Women’s Network and GE Volunteers organized “EDC Talent Show” – a charity concert that took place on November 26th.  With 4 bands, 2 soloists and symphonic orchestra they rock hearts of the audience and gave an unforgettable performance.

EDC Talent Show was created to use musical potential of our employees to make a positive change and promote local activities of GE Volunteers. The concert gathered several highly talented amateur musicians working at EDC, who were willing to share their passion and raise funds for children’s homes and animal shelters.

IMG_5148 “My impression of EDC Talent Show is very positive. I think we all did a great job to adjust acoustic system to the Ikar hall. We worked really hard with Mateusz – our acoustician before the concert, and he did an amazing job with soundmastering.” – said Piotr, a member of Bordo® band that performed during the concert.

“As an auditor I appreciated the variety of music genres – starting from calm performances of soloists, through strong electric guitar sounds, alternative acoustic rock, jazz, and classical orchestra at the end. As a musician I loved how the organizational things went smoothly, I especially mean the concert conducting, the lights and sound support. The Ikar hall is not a perfect concert place, but we managed to adjust to its conditions. The bands also switched on stage quite well. EDC Talent Show was a debut to my band “Bordo®” – I think that we did quite well, but it’s not my role to judge it.” – he added.

The concert was a big achievement. It was rewarding to see how appreciated can be a hard work and dedication of musicians measured by the gratitude of the audience. In addition to the performers, several other people have contributed their free time and efforts to make this concert a blast.

IMG_4972 “EDC Talent Show was in my opinion a tremendous success. I know it from the people I spoke to during the concert. There was a high level of participation of our employees even though we had our doubts selling the tickets. I personally think that the show was an outstanding spectacle, and it is all due engagement and professionalism of the musicians and our acoustician Mateusz, who provided the best sound to the audience.” – said Ania, the general concert organizer.

The bands and soloists showed how well-skilled they are. All of them put on the stage their passion and enthusiasm, which was visible during every show. To see how our engineers performed for charity purpose, look at the photos below.