IMG_07555The run of luck among EDC Runners is still on! This time our engineers took part in the 37th Warsaw Marathon held on Sunday, September 27th. It was the culmination of many months of exhaustive training. As always, our employees bravely fought to the end and got impressive results! What is more, many of them beat their personal bests.

This year over 11 thousand participants took part in the Warsaw Marathon, including 26 members of EDC Runners. The biggest achievement of our colleagues it was winning the 1st place in the Combined Category (Marathon – 42.195 km, High Five Race – 5 km and Marathon Relay – 8.5km + 12.6km + 21.1km = 42.195). Our team finished the race with an impressive time of 6:52:49, which assured them victory. What is more, we took the 7th  place in the “Fastest Company” Category, with the total time of 10:27:25. We also have had representatives in the Marathon Relay and High Five Race.

“When you are asking me on how to describe the feeling after finishing this Marathon? On the one hand, it’s extreme fatigue and struggle with thoughts – ”This is my last time”– but after a moment comes happiness, pride and the thought that you will come back here again!– says Piotr – one of the EDC engineers, who had completed run on Sunday. “I can say that most of us don’t need coffee since we completed the race – there are so many endorphins in our blood. Thousands of runners around you, millions of cheering fans on the streets! I am sure that this is the sort of excitement that everyone would like to experience. The time does not matter, however I‘m really happy and deeply proud of the first place the EDC Runners took in the Combined Category. We make a great team – I believe we still have a lot to achieve!”