General Electric Company Polska and Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation became members of the European Technology Development Community (ETDC), that works for the future of the aviation industry. Within that initiative, we will cooperate on sustainable innovation projects with Avio Aero, Avio Aero Bielsko-Biała, Polonia Aero Laboratory, GE Aviation Czech, and a few R&D centers, universities and polytechnic schools in  Poland, Italy and Czech Republic.


The collaboration merges the best practices from both academia and industry, continuing to invest in innovation and preparing to play a key role in the ambitious challenges that face aviation.

“Cooperation between the scientific world and the industry is one of our cornerstones, allowing us to create synergy and develop the most innovative technologies not only in Poland but worldwide,” said Artur Rudnik, EDC WIA director. “ETDC community creates much higher level of synergy between science and industry and effectively strengthen position of GE Aviation on the forefront of global innovation companies,” added Krzysztof Połomski, EDC Business Development Manager.

Our initiative and a short promotional video was presented during the ILA (Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace) Berlin – hub for international aerospace industry. We encourage you to watch the movie and check, what is the main goal of the collaboration and which institutions are involved.

We also recommend reading the article about ETDC posted on GE Aviation Blog.