This year, for the 3rd time, we organized internal EDC Diversity Day, to celebrate diversity that surrounds us. We used this day as an opportunity to reflect on diversity and think of topics connected to the diverse society we all live in.

A Photo Contest was a part of the Diversity Day. EDC employees were shooting photos that picture diversity in the best way – whatever they think of it or how they feel about it. As a result, we got number of photos, from whom we voted for the best one. On Friday, August 25th , the jury chose the winning picture. This photo will appear in the EDC engineering calendar 2018, that each employee will get at the beginning of the year.

It’s essential in our everyday life, both professional and private, to support all kind of differences. We truly believe that diversity is essential for innovation and success. It brings people together, tears down barriers, respects perspectives, personalities and backgrounds and highlights people’s talent.

Please see the gallery of other diversity photos.