Obrazek_CSRWe encourage you to read the third EDC CSR Report “The strength of diversity.” This publication summarizes all the social and business activities of our organization conducted in 2014. At EDC we believe that CSR can help us build a better place to work and live. Trough activities such as: GE Volunteers, GE Women’s Network and HealthAhead we want to help our employees develop their skills and build their career, get work-life balance, encourage them to a healthy life style, to be sensitive to other people and to support local communities.

Last year we decided to continue our politics concentrated on our employees, give them many development opportunities and treat them equally without any prejudices.  To live up to these points in October 2014 GE together with the Institute of Aviation signed Diversity Charter. The document is a written obligation promoting an open attitude and tolerance towards other people. It expresses the willingness of all employees and business partners to act in order to fight all kinds of discrimination against religion, race, gender etc.

Apart from that, in technical area we created a new business – GE Energy Management that provides engineering support for GE Power Conversion – Rotating Machines Platform.

To develop our campus and make our daily work more efficient there will be also built a Social Space where our engineers can relax and find out many creative ideas for their technical projects.

Other events, like Science Picnic, were additional chance to share publicly our work and promote science and technology among children and families.

You can download and read it in Polish version by clicking here. English report will be available soon.