Fotka_Stracar&ImmeltLast week Jeff Immelt visited Europe on a tour during which he visited several European capitals, including Paris, Berlin, Prague and, most importantly for us, Warsaw. In Paris he attended ‘Minds & Machines’ and discussed GE’s transformation into a digital company while in Warsaw and Prague he held meetings focusing on the energy sector in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). On Thursday, June 6th GE leaders from the region, including EDC representatives, met Jeff Immelt at a town hall meeting.

In an interview with “Rzeczpospolita” daily held during the visit Jeff Immelt talked about the range of investment he is planning in this part of Europe, particularly in Poland:

“It is here that we want our technologically advanced jet engines to be designed and produced. We have chosen three countries: Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. Before when we were seeking a place for this kind of projects, we usually landed in Germany. But now in the afore mentioned three countries we have everything: an efficient export loan system, support for technology development, experience in R&D, as well as 2,000 world-class Polish engineers.”

And here you will find a summary of the whole tour on the GE Reports CEE blog.