April and May are months in which a lot is happening in the subject of apprenticeships and internships. Every spring, we are working for a wide offer for students and graduates. We try to make our proposals full of challenges and interesting tasks.

Each year we employ around 100 people to make a first steps in their professional, engineering career at EDC.

In 2018 we hosted 46 students at the program of paid internships and 31 people took part in our apprenticeships. It is worth paying attention to the fact, that all of them lasted at least two months. All interns rate very highly their stay at EDC. We decided to ask some of them why they decided to do the internship at EDC and what was the most valuable for them.

“What I liked most is that I was learning new things. At the University we have theory. Here I had chance to practice.” – said Krystian Wiewiór, who spent 2 months at the internship in the Aeromechanics & Aviation Team.

Norbert Czarnota, who spent half year in Aviation agrees with Krystian. “I’m learning all the time here. I had the basics, but at EDC I learned the details and the things dedicated especially for GE. What I liked is that I had my own tasks, just like all my other colleagues. I get the thing to do from my manager and I go on with it like normal employee.”

Michał Bałut was working in Avionics for 3 months. He was doing the software for digital screens. What we told us is that he was always interested in avionics. While being on the internship he had the chance to check what it is in real life. That’s for sure the big advantage of spending some time at EDC – you can check if the field that you thought you would like is really that interesting.

Daria Bodych checked it in more than one field. She works in Power not in one but in 2 sections at the same time. “I develop myself very much here. My first contact with EDC was through the action “Dziewczyny na Politechniki”. I was helping in that initiative and as a “thank you” I got the invitation for the event “Pani Inżynier w pracy”. From that time, I really wanted to join to EDC. Now it’s possible and I’m very happy that I’m here. People are very friendly, always wanting to help. It’s amazing that all of them wants to share their great knowledge with me.”

All the students with whom we talked would want to stay for a full-time job here one day. We think that’s the biggest advertisement of the Internships and Apprenticeships in our Center.

Internships at EDC last 1-2 months and are addressed to students who can get their first professional experience and see how work in an international engineering-related corporation looks like.

Apprenticeships are longer, paid programs, lasting 3-6 months dedicated to the students of last years of university or young graduates that do not have previous work experience. It is a great opportunity to verify and use knowledge gained at university. Being an apprentice at EDC means working on interesting projects in an international environment, with modern tools and opportunity to learn from various technical experts.