CGraphic poster with healthy peoplelosed gyms and restaurants haven’t stopped our engineers from keeping fit during the pandemic. Between 11th and 15th of May we celebrated a unique, online HealthAhead Week. Each year, we book a special time in EDC calendars to focus on our health and wellbeing. This year, unlike previous ones, we prolonged the HA Day into HA Week and, due to the pandemic, all our activities were carried out remotely.

Our HA Week lasted 5 days during which we managed to conduct multiple attractions! We took part in Zumba classes, attended yoga workshops, proved our cooking skills and nutrition knowledge in the Healthy Food challenge and competed in Get Active & Plank challenges. We all shared our ideas on how to manage stress during national quarantine and what to cook to stay in good shape. Two biggest attractions were dieticians’ consultations with Q&A session and a Dietitian Lecture „Healthy, quickly, cheaply – how to improve your eating habits”.

This year EDC staff also got a lot of interesting mindfulness tips, ideal for difficult pandemic times. We participated in Intense Breathing workshops, Mindfulness workshops cycle and Stress and worries management lecture. We also got some helpful Mindfullness materials and tips on ow to stay healthy, so that the good habits would become our daily usual.