Our volunteers are simply unstoppable and they are doing everything they can to not only help others but also spread their love for science. To properly end this season of Young Explorer Club they invited 60 kids from Poland and Ukraine and organized workshop on creating rocket models. Later the kids could launch their own rockets on a specially dedicated airport in Zalesie. This was also an opportunity to admire local modelers, who made an amazing show using their own RC models like planes, helicopters and drones.

However, that was not the end of the attractions prepared for that day as after the small airshow everyone traveled to ‘Miejsce Aktywności Lokalnej’ to have something delicious to eat and continue having fun. Singing to the accompaniment of a guitar and a football match were just a few of the activities the kids engaged in.

The idea standing behind Young Explorer Club is to popularize science by inviting children to involve in ‘Do It Yourself’ activities. Thanks to that they can learn new skills but also practice teamwork. Additionally, since March YEC created an opportunity for integration as children from Poland were joined by their Ukrainian peers.

We can’t wait to see what our volunteers prepare for the next season!