Do you know that at EDC we have railway tracks going through the site? This is the part of the railway network that used to exist in the airport surroundings. What was in the trains that were going through our site? Our engineer – Kuba Kulecki unveiled this and some other airport railway mysteries in a new Pociągi i samoloty episode of his youtube series – Po kolei z Kuleckim.

The series started in January this year and has 27 episodes already. In each, Kuba discovers interesting facts about railway around us. His channel is followed by nearly 350 people and his movies were watched more than 30 000 times in the last 11 months.

“My aim is to encourage people to slow down and look around. Every place has it’s own history that waits to be discovered. Some of them exist today, but can disappear tomorrow. I’m trying to spread the information about them, before they are gone.” – says Kuba.

Kuba’s passion was born when he was a kid. Since then he is still broading his knowledge about railway and spreads it to others. What’s more, his movies are illustrated by him and has music composed and played be him.

We encourage you to watch the special airport episode Pociągi i samoloty.