Poland’s passion for aviation has been there for years. Our tradition and experience in this area turned 100 last year and yet we are extremely vigorous today! With an addition of 80-year-old history of aerospace industry, nowadays we offer a truly expert approach towards aeronautical engineering business.

After the period of transformation in Poland, we could start thinking of numerous long-term international partnerships and a completely new chapter of the aviation history commenced for us. An engineering alliance between GE and the Institute of Aviation established in 2000 was one of them. And this was just a starting point! Nowadays we enjoy a great GE Aviation ecosystem with tremendous new opportunities in various Polish cities.

Nowadays Poland can boast with six engineering sites connected with GE Aviation. Engineering Design Center in Warsaw is the largest scientific-research entity, but just around the corner, in Zielonka, there is another one: Polonia Aero Lab. Besides, we have two production plants: Unison in Dzierżoniów and Avio in Bielsko-Biała. Last but not least, two of our sites deal with engine inspections. Warsaw’s CEES cooperates with LOT Polish Airlines in the overhaul of GE engines and XEOS in Środa Śląska, in partnership with Lufthansa, manufactures the largest GE aircraft engines.


If you are interested in GE Aviation ecosystem, just watch the movie