23 top engineers from all around the world took part in a training called GE’s Fundamentals for Technologists (FFT) hosted by Engineering Design Center. From Monday, June 24th to Thursday,
June 27th future technological leaders of GE had an opportunity to visit various EDC facilities, learn more about variable cost productivity (VCP) tools, and conduct a business simulation.

The goal of the training was to provide a broader perspective of what drives GE as a business and how our top technologists can drive growth and successfully manage risk. The course highlighted insights and perspectives required to more effectively align technical strategies with business trends and priorities.

Participants took a close look at improving should cost margins, and a business simulation devoted to financial concepts – in which they were put into teams, ran a company for three years and competed against one another to achieve the greatest business results.

During the 4-day training engineers were able to listen to several speeches led by EDC Managers which provided them with broader perspective on various technologies – ranging from materials, software and digital concepts up to advanced technologies.

Training in EDC was also a great opportunity to get to expand attendee’s networks and learn more about different GE businesses (we hosted representatives of Aviation, Healthcare and Renewables).