From Monday, May 7th to Thursday, May 10th at EDC we hosted 30 GE engineers from all over the world, who visited our Center to take part in the training: Fundamentals for Technologists (FFT). This 4-day workshop was dedicated to top technologists, who had from 2 to even 28 years of experience in GE.


The goal of the training was to provide a broader perspective of what drives GE as a business and how our top technologists can drive growth and successfully manage risk. This was achieved through a variety of methods including class sessions, tours at EDC laboratories, a close look at improving should cost margins, and a business simulation devoted to financial concepts – in which participants were put into teams, ran a company for three years and competed against one another to achieve the greatest business results. There were several speeches led by EDC Managers which enabled participants to gain exposure to various technologies – ranging from materials to software and digital concepts to advanced technologies. In a unique session, named the Cracker Barrel, participants were put into small groups with four different leaders from EDC in which they learned about GE-specific finance, intellectual property (patent) concepts and technology in a relaxed, conversational roundtable style.


Finally, participants learned a bit more on how to more effectively grow their network and leverage their own personality strengths to effectively influence others.  There was a strong emphasis on networking as engineers connected with others from across different GE businesses (we hosted representatives of Aviation, Aviation Systems, Healthcare, Renewables, BHGE, Power).  Fundamentals for Technologists (FFT) is a nomination-based course and is offered approximately seven times a year around the globe.


Apart from the training itself participants had various opportunities to familiarize with Polish history and culture in example by visiting Old Town and Łazienki Królewskie.


EDC had an honor to organize this event after a great success of the last year’s edition, when Polish training was considered the best from all GE sites in Europe.


Please see some photos from that event.