edison_i_FFTFrom Monday, July 10th to Thursday, July 13th Engineering Design Center hosted two trainings – Eng@GE and Fundamentals for Technologists. Over 100 engineers from all over the world and various GE businesses (Aviation, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Power, Energy Connections, Current & Global Research Center) had a chance to tour EDC laboratories and listen to EDC speeches led by EDC Managers.

FFT (Fundamentals for Technologists)

This course provided over 50 engineers a chance to broaden a view of what drives GE as a business. The goal was to provide the insights and perspectives required to more effectively align technical strategies with business trends and priorities.

It was done through a variety of methods including class session, tours at EDC laboratories, innovation techniques sessions, a business simulation and speeches led by EDC Managers who communicated ideas in a concrete and compelling manner. Engineers also had the opportunity to network and connect with other top technologists from across different GE businesses.

Eng@GE (Engineering Development Program)

Eng@GE training let 53 Edisons develop appreciation for the role that Engineering plays through the entire product life cycle and was a great opportunity to design a project from concept to final validation. It was also an occasion for Edisons to interact with EDC Leaders and discuss technology and career paths related topics.

The training focused in particular on:

  • exposing Edisons to the Technical Design Review Process, letting them present their designs to Technical Reviewers and act on feedback from them
  • using GE tools and processes to assist in the fastworks design process in order to create an autonomous robot
  • networking with Edisons from other businesses and local leaders to better understand GE and the local site in Warsaw

Apart from the training itself participants had various opportunities to familiarize with Polish history and culture, e.g. visiting the Łazienki Królewskie and spending together some quality after-hours time.