On Thursday, November 14th EDC Repair Development Center (RDC) has officially opened a new Machining Facility.  It is a part of Repair Laboratory which is developing very fast and bringing EDC more and more opportunities in the engineering area. New Machining Center is a place where all GE businesses will manufacture various tool prototypes and fixture all materials and products. “We are proud that after 6 months of negotiations with our GE partners we received a final approval to start that investment and then in nearly 8 months we finalized that project.” RDC Lab Manager said.

Modern CNC lathe (Qucik Turn Smart 250-1000) and CNC 5-axis machine (Variaxis-i600) are being recently bought. Both of them are produced by the  World’s Leading CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer “Mazak”. New devices are supported by auxiliary equipment as FaroArm, industrial band-saw, 3D printer and screw compressor.

To make the work more efficient in the center RDC team has hired two highly experienced tooling engineers: „They are already certified as operators by Mazak. They are handling the projects from cradle to the grave (Design, FEM , tooling&fixturing  and fabrication).” he added.