tumblr_inline_o6cakbdiLu1tyqvp3_500GE in Poland has been recognized as the most desired employer of 2015 in the Industry Production category of a survey from Antal, a market leader in recruitment and human resource consulting. The ‘Most Desired Employers in the Opinion of Professionals and Managers’ is an annual study outlining the preferences of Polish employees regarding their desired workplace. Now in its sixth year, the 2015 winners were honored at an awards ceremony held on April 26.

The results of this edition show how Polish professionals and managers consider a company’s size and prestige, as well as its management style, innovativeness and organizational culture, as the most important factors when deciding on a job change. The survey also noted how the importance of salaries has dropped and is no longer a key factor in decision-making.

In addition, the Antal study outlines the strengths of the awarded companies, as well as revealing the sources used by job candidates when seeking out information about new and potential employers. Survey respondents noted how they mainly obtain knowledge about companies from employed acquaintances, people who can provide them with inside knowledge about an organization, or from the media.

This demonstrates how all companies, regardless of how long they have been present in the Polish market, must work to constantly maintain a good reputation and pay attention to positive relations with their employees, as GE does in its offices and production sites around the world.

(source: GE Reports CEE)