At the end of July at EDC we celebrated GE Agile Day to solidify knowledge and share experience about agile. Warsaw Scrum Masters & UX’s organized the event in a form of workshops. Attendees had a chance to learn more about working with stakeholders and an UX’s role in product development. Participants divided into groups where collecting real life examples of challenges they experienced in their day to day business. In the next round these problems were addressed by the groups leveraging everybody’s experience and knowledge that was supplemented by the high expertise of EDC UX Visual Designers – Błazej Podkówka and Adam Jeziorski.

Throughout the workshop run by well experienced Scrum Masters – Aneta Osiak and Jarosław Olchowik, participants also learned more about scaling of scrum. During hands-on activity groups were trying to develop Lego building according to available product backlog and in cooperation with a product owner. – This experience helped participants to understand challenges of LeSS framework. They were able to observe how a well-organized communication is essential in development of the product that requires scaling approach – explained Maciej Zieliński, one of the Scrum Masters and member of EDC’s Agile Transformation Team.

Couple of years ago our GE Aviation Digital business started an agile transformation that is continuously moving forward. In order to assure that we are consistently progressing toward agility, we have created a strong global, as well as local, Transformation organizations that are navigating our journey.