IMG_1876November 17th marks the annual World Day of Giving Up Smoking. On this occasion HealthAhead – GE’s pro-health initiative – together with the Voivodship unit of the State Sanitary Inspection prepared an onsite event to help smokers quit their addiction, and make both smokers and non-smokers more aware of the effects cigarettes cause to human body.

During the event EDC employees could measure the level of carbon oxide in exhaled air to see how long this lethal gas remains in lungs. A lot of attendants took this opportunity to measure blood pressure. One of the up-to-date topics was e-cigarettes and the new government regulations which will equalize them with traditional cigarettes since 2017.

IMG_1893Everyone could also try on the alco- and narcogoggles – the devices that simulate being under influence. Experts from the Voivodship unit of the State Sanitary Inspection, beside the main subject concerning tobacco and nicotine use, also shared their knowledge about results of using other stimulants, like alcohol and illegal drugs.