EDC engineers are outstanding specialists not only in the areas they specialize in. Some of them are also extremely talented photographers. 


We proudly present you the best pictures of the 10th jubilee edition of our Photo Contest! This year we wanted to take a closer look at our businesses – the theme of the contest was “Engineering in detail”.


We received more than 20 stunning photographs. Many of them aroused our admiration. We really appreciate the creativity of our employees – seeing their passion is the biggest priceless value of the competition.


The choice was not easy, but a special jury chose the best six shots, that will appear in the special EDC notebook, that each employee will get at the end of this year. 


This year’s winner became Gosia Bem from one of the Supporting Departments, who perfectly answered the theme of this year’s Contest. “We don’t realize that engineering is actually an integral part of our lives. During a conversation with a friend, I came up with the idea to use the figures from the set of blocks that small children play with. I put some LEGO bricks, a few screws that were lying at my colleagues’ in the next room, I scattered everything on the table and… something out of nothing was created. I’m glad that jury liked my vision of engineering in detail” – said Gosia.


Please, have a look at the best photos of our talented colleagues!