We started the 7th edition of the EDC Ambassador Program. Within the program, EDC interns who are connected with universities will help us spread the knowledge about EDC among students. They will exchange information on what is going on in EDC and at the universities.

We are proud that our ambassadors are now sharing their EDC experience on technical universities such as: Warsaw University of Technology, Military University of Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, and Wrocław University of Technology.

“I believe the Ambassador Program is a very much needed initiative which brings many benefits for both students and our organization.” – said Magdalena Mocarska-Olszyńska, Talent Recruitment & Employer Branding Leader. – “In the 7th edition we have 6 ambassadors who know a lot about EDC, perfectly promote our company’s open events and challenges, and help us find future employees. They provide us with direct contact to students who are searching for a job or are interested in internships, apprenticeships or training.” – she added.

Being an EDC ambassador brings many benefits. Students have constant contact with the organization, have more extensive knowledge of EDC activities, acquire valuable work experience, and gain a new important area to add on their resume.