We would like to invite you to the 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation, that will take place on Friday, October 12th. This is the largest nocturnal educational event in Poland, aimed at popularization of aviation and aerospace industry sector in Poland and at promoting engineering professions. Engineering Design Center is going to be there just like in previous years.

For our guests we prepared several attractions.

We will have the big stand in the main hall of the most modern Institute of Aviation building and at the same time we will host the unique programing tournament – EDC Hackathon 2018 – Flight Simulator. During this event 4 teams comprised of software and hardware developers will spend 24 hours trying to design and assembly a cockpit for X-plane Flight Simulator.

What you can expect visiting us?

  • live transmission from Hackathon
  • 3D printing show of reciprocating engine elements
  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) for subsea equipment simulator
  • multimedia exhibition, where you will see the real part of the machine with a movie showing how this part works
  • model of the E903 turbine
  • model of the mobile power plant TM2500, prepared for transport by Antonov 124
  • Virtual Reality zone
  • some surprise attractions, that will let you bring part of EDC home?

Visitors will also have an opportunity to visit three EDC laboratories.

  • The Avionics and Digital Systems Lab specializes in functional research on avionics equipment and systems, as well as their testing, verification and validation. Coming here, beside others, you will be able to see the automated testing station of the new generation on-board instruments and the ESD (Electrostatic discharge) test station.
  • In the Repair Development Center you will have a chance to see the robotic MAG-CMT welding cell and observe CNC 5-axis milling as well as watch the dimensional inspection with a portable CMM FaroArm EDGE machine. In this lab our engineers specialize in designing tooling prototypes for machining processes and joining development processes for gas turbine parts.
  • Materials Technology Lab has a complete set of equipment necessary for the entire process of analysis, from preparation of test samples, through a whole series of microscope-based analyses, to hardness analyses. Visiting that lab you will see microscopes which enlarge the material up to 1000 (digital optic microscopes) or even 3000 times (scanning confocal microscopes). You will also learn how our engineers discover the sources of components damages.

Come and join us on this special event. Invite your family and friends!

Details of the 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation can be found on the official website and on the event fanpage. More information about Hackathon you can find at the event official fanpage.