The Catalyst Program is reaching the final stage. Recent first flight test are a big source of pride for EDC. Quite a number of people from across Europe worked on that product, but about 50% of the engineers engaged in the program were from our site.

EDC was responsible for the design of high and low pressure turbines, the compressor, bearings, sumps and engine systems, like secondary air or lube system. The project also meant advancing the latest technologies, for example aspects of the high pressure turbine cooling used in the engine or additive structures design (4 out of 5 large additive structural components to be certified were designed in Warsaw) making EDC a leading design center of additive load-bearing structures.

The Catalyst Systems Engineering Leader is our colleague – Janek Biskupski, who works on that unique program since the very beginning. What is the history of the Catalyst’s program? What is exceptional in that engine? What tests it has already undergone? And… what was Janek’s way to lead this project?


Answers to those questions you will find in the latest issue of the Unmanned Systems Technology magazine.  Just click this link to read the whole article.