Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Who we are

Our laboratory is the only one in Poland, and one of only a few in Europe, that uses modern measurement methods to conduct comprehensive research for the development of technologies related to cooling of aerospace and industrial turbine engine components. Our modern control and measurement base providing multi-stream power supply to measuring stands is unique on a national scale.

Since the beginning of our operations, we have been actively making new contacts and cooperating with other laboratories, both at the national and international level, including laboratories from Italy, Germany, and the United States.

What we do

With high-end laboratory equipment, the engineers can precisely measure a multitude of parameters, in particular: temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, velocity and three-dimensional turbulence level. We conduct research in areas related to Film Cooling and Impingement Cooling. We carry out projects related to instrumentation of engine components like designing and manufacturing pressure rakes as well as pressure and temperature sensors installations. Recently, we have also developed technologies for registering the temperature of components of high-pressure turbine in infrared.