Component (system) testing

How we realize that competence

We provide engineering and certification testing services on products to Customers from sectors including but not limited to: Aerospace, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, and Defense.

The scope of our experience is very wide and is expressed below by examples of the types of tests completed in our laboratories:

  • Performance and endurance tests of jet engine bearings, measurements of heat generation, cage slip, thermal mapping (speeds up to 52k rpms, axial loads up to 100 kN, heated lube oil delivery, etc.)

  • Oil lubrication systems efficiency measurements (scoops, filters, pumps, oil nozzles)

  • Engineering tests for cost out projects, new product verification

  • Field events replication in laboratory conditions for purposes of RCE’s

  • Fuel heaters, heat exchangers performance tests

  • Thermal/flow tests on airfoils, nozzles, blades, heat exchangers, ect.

  • Film cooling measurements on airfoils

  • Fan blade out test/bird ingestion test on fan module level (fan diameter up to 3.5 m)

  • Remote and full automatic software tests and work on software and embedded software development and validation

  • and many other

Supported Areas:

  • Components/system tests

  • Manufacturing