Geometry measurements

How we realize that competence

In order to be able to conduct our laboratory’s daily operations, we have invested a lot in high class measuring infrastructure.

Alongside our internal laboratory operations, we can provide geometry measurement services dependent on measurement range (measurement part size and precision):

We take component geometry measurement using:

  • 3D optical scanners:

    • Steinbichler (Zeiss) COMET L3D 8M
    • GOM ATOS 5 Airfoil
  • CMM machine (ZEISS ACCURA)

  • Optical measurement systems (Alicona, Keyence, Olympus)

  • Portable measurement arm technology (FARO Arm Edge 2.7m)

  • Microscopic measurements (optical, confocal)

  • Measuring hand equipment

We provide high-precision contactless geometry measurement and surface topology inspection services to ensure the highest standards when it comes to geometry and surface quality of parts. This includes:

  • Contactless Profile-Roughness Measurement

  • Surface-Texture Measurement

  • Profile-Form Measurement

  • Contour Measurement

  • 3D Form Measurement

  • Difference Measurement

  • Volume Measurement

Installation geometry measurement using:

  • Laser tracker (Leica – Absolute Tracker AT960MR)

Surface geometry (roughness) using:

  • Optical (Alicona)

  • Confocal (Keyence, Olympus)

  • Toughing method (Mahr)

Supported Areas:

  • Manufacturing

  • Component/system tests

  • Inspection proces automation

  • Automated 3D scanning