How we realize that competence

While providing testing services in our laboratories we gained expertise and experience in the field of components instrumentation.

Types of sevices we provide:

  • Proper selection of sensors, wiring, transducers etc.

  • Instrumentation design

  • Professional installation on the tested component (at our laboratories or at the customer location)

We have a wide experience in design, selection and installation of different types of instrumentations. We also have great expertise in using different measurement methodologies:

  • Temperature/pressure/flow/speed/force sensors

  • TC, strain gages

  • Pressure Sensitive Paint, Temperature Sensitive Paint

  • IR cameras

  • Slipring, Telemetry

We have also experience in developing new repair technologies. For that purpose we design and manufacture tooling/instrumentation for repair processes (especially for gas turbines).

Supported Areas:

  • Component/system tests

  • Manufacturing

  • Repair