Repair Development Center

Who we are

Our lab is a part of the Gas Turbine Center dedicated to the GE Power business. The team working here combines responsibilities for designing and servicing all gas turbines found in the GE portfolio, which is unique on a global scale.

Within the Centre’s infrastructure, there are laboratories for testing tools and developing new repair technologies, which combined with permanent cooperation with turbine design teams, allows for continuous improvement of service life of GE turbines and reduction of the time needed to make necessary repairs.

What we do

We support Polish and international clients in the area of preparation and subsequent operation of the whole turbine units (gas turbine, steam turbine, and generator).

Lab competences:

Geometry measurements

Manufacturing – special processes

Welding development  (materials nickel & cobalt alloys)

Brazing development  (materials nickel & cobalt alloys)

Heat Treatment processes

Machining process development

5  axis  Machining

Machining fixtures development

WEDM Machining

Gas Turbine Outage Tooling Development

Any other testing needs?

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