Drivetrains alignment

How we realize that competence

While providing testing services in our laboratories we gained expertise and experience in the field of drive trains alignment.

Building our own stations for component tests (e.g. bearings, fans, etc.) enabled us to gain real understanding of those processes. We can help you with the alignment & balancing of rotating/drive systems and elements. We provide very precise alignment of drive train components with the use of dial indicators or laser tools depending on space and geometry constrains as well as specific alignment requirements.

We offer trim balancing of fully or partially assembled systems with the use of balanced object’s dynamic instrumentation or portable, magnet-attached accelerometers. Balancing might be conducted at speeds up to 40k rpm and allows for optimization of the system at specific speeds (e.g. working points or resonance points).

Supported Areas:

  • Manufacturing

  • Component/system tests

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