IMG_2730From the 20th to 21st of October the Engineering Design Center hosted a Mega Event called “Professional Woman” organized by GE Women’s Network organizations from EDC and GE Healthcare Poland. It was a unique opportunity to consult stylists, make-up artists, financial advisors, lawyers and a self-presentation coach. A series of trainings, workshops and individual meetings was organized to give the ladies an opportunity to develop personal branding skills, gain knowledge about employment legislation, finance management, building professional image, all in an atmosphere of enthusiastic experience exchange.

“I believe that all meetings within the GE Women’s Network, in both mega events and smaller-scale development programs, allow us to build a broad and inspiring network of women and men within the organization and throughout the various businesses of GE.” – said Anna Paczuska from GE Healthcare, the event’s co-organizer.

One of the highlights of the event was a training called “Building Your Leader Brand” about the role of leadership in the organization. Both women and men were invited by GE Women’s Network to participate in this meeting.

“During the event my greatest attention was focused on the section about gender-related differences in business communication. It turns out that, after all, the rules and skillset required for effective communication in business are – or should be – the same for both women and men. I am glad that the meeting gathered people from different departments in our company. We still do not have enough opportunity to exchange ideas over businesses.” – said Monika Doroz, GE Communications Manager.


GE Women’s Network fits perfectly in the diversity philosophy. That is why during the event participants were given a chance to visit a special Diversity Stand where they could take psychological tests such us: “Personality Test”, the “Brain Gender Test” and the “Self-Motivation quiz” to establish the type of personality they are, what motivates them and to discover if their brain is more female or male.  It was also great opportunity to ask for guidance concerning equal rights.

The Mega Event is a periodical affair, with the October event being its second edition at EDC. Its aim is to create opportunities and chances to the women from our organization so that they can grow, meet and learn from one another.