We are pleased to inform that on Saturday, December 2nd, first out of six Boeings 737 MAX with our LEAP-1B Engines (SP-LVA) landed at the Okęcie airport. Currently LOT is flying this aircraft to London 3 times per day.

Thanks to the engines designed at EDC, MAX is much quieter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than any other aircraft of its class available on the market. LEAP-1Bs allow Boeings 737 MAX for 15% lower fuel consumption comparing to the B737 NG and they also reduce noise up to 40% comparing to other machines of this class. What’s more, our engines also significantly lowered CO2 emission in that planes.

„Working on Leap-1B HPC mechanical design in the NPI phase posed an unprecedented challenge to the small team of EDC engineers. It was extremely fast-paced, tough, but hugely rewarding experience.  I’m looking forward to get on a flight powered by -1B engines and feel the satisfaction of being one of many contributors to their success”. – says Tomasz Kalinowski, Leap HPC Airfoils.

PS. As of today we have more than 14 000 engines that are on order. In 2017 GE Aviation has delivered 475 engines and we have plans to deliver more than 1000 next year.


fot. www.instagram.com/flylot ©A. Gala