Last week the whole GE Aviation family celebrated the Virtual Engineering Recognition Day (ERD). Our engineers took part both in the global meeting and in our local gala. As the pandemic is still with us, meetings were hold online, reaching the Management and employees both in their offices and in their homes. During the local celebrations we asked our staff from where they were joining us. Answers were quite surprising. Despite from living rooms, kids’ rooms and kitchens, we even had 3% of employees calling from their garden or balcony. And it was not a very sunny day.

What was the topic of this year’s gala? The theme was “Rising together”. Our Management focused on the last year’s achievements that really were noticeable, even though the year 2020 was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Last year, as EDC, we have proven that not only in good times we are capable to operate and realize projects on time, but that we can also develop in the most difficult times for this sector”- said Marian Lubieniecki (EDC Site Leader) during his speech that opened the gala.

Artur Rudnik (EDC WIA Director) thanked all EDC staff for what they do and how they do it. “With such a team, in such an environment, with such people, their commitment and well-established competences, we can, and even should, be confident about what the future will bring” – he said, making a good start for the main part of local celebration – the award ceremony.

We had a lot of accomplishments to celebrate this year. We recognized one engineer with the global ERD Division Award and 11 more in other technical categories. Also we awarded 2 outstanding individuals with the EDC Management Award, distinguished people with the EHS Award and gave out the recognitions for the fantastic projects and individuals from our supporting staff. Last but not least we awarded the most engaged members of EDC initiatives.

People at EDC are the biggest potential. Please join us in congratulating them, just as Paweł Stężycki (Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation Director) did, during his speech: “Congratulations on your hard, everyday work that translates into our joint success”.

Let’s congratulate the winners in all categories.

Technical awards:

  • ERD Division Award – Tomasz Bulsiewicz
  • Customer Value Creation – team of Paweł Woźniak, Krzysztof Bąk, Dominik Nowak, Konrad Socha, Przemysław Tkaczyk and Rafał Kowaleski
  • Materials & Manufacturing – Piotr Radowski
  • Science & Technology Excellence – Paweł Grabiński
  • Technical Mentoring – Wojciech Adamowski
  • Tools & Process Excellence – Sławomir Tarnopolski
  • Young Engineer – Katarzyna Mycek

EDC awards:

  • EHS Award – Agata Malec-Mazurkiewicz and Paweł Wasilewski
  • EDC Management Award – Katarzyna Suda-Puchacz and Joanna Apelska-Bernaciak
  • EDC Lean Champion – Michał Zygmunt
  • The Best Business Partner – Grzegorz Michałowski
  • Best Supporting Functions Project – Katarzyna Jastrzębska, Jan Cichocki, Marta Faber, Mariusz Mieńko, Magdalena Beksa and Michał Filipowski

Initiatives awards:

  • Inclusion & Diversity Award – Marta Kołakowska
  • Volunteers – Ewa Bobala and Tomasz Żochowski
  • Women’s Network – Małgorzata Bem
  • HealthAhead – Jerzy Głodek