Pawel DrozdzPeople who work at EDC are not only high skilled specialists, but also enthusiasts of various hobbies – such as photography. Their marvelous shots can be found in EDC Desk Calendar.

Three years ago we came up to the idea of a personalized calendar. The concept gained supporters from its very beginning. The main aim was to combine a calendar with remarkable photographs created by employees. To put this project into practice, we conducted EDC Photo Contest as a form of collecting and choosing the best shots annually.

Every year the topic applies to broadly defined engineering. From a great range of photos submitted by engineers, a special jury chooses the best twelve shots. Having done that, desk calendars are distributed among all EDC employees.

“I took the awarded photo during my business trip to Victorville, CA. When I was heading back the road I saw a dead tree on the desert, ironically nearby the local aircraft boneyard. That was the moment when I realized that could be an amazing shot and a perfect souvenir from the trip. When I returned to the country I showed my photo to few colleagues and they told me that it must find its place in our desk calendar. Therefore I had no other option but to submit it to the contest” – said Paweł, who won the 1st place in this year EDC Photo Contest.

The photos show the engineers’ interests from different perspectives. Over the last years, they refered to airplane acrobatic shows, factories landscapes, details of sophisticated mechanisms and machines.  To see how amazing the world from engineer’s camera perception can be, take a look at this year winning photos below.