IMG_8179On Tuesday, March 15th renovated bicycle room has finally been opened. Since the beginning of EDC many of our engineers have been using bicycles to travel from home to work. The first room for bikes at the premises of the Institute of Aviation was established in 2004.

Over the next few years, amount of people traveling on bikes has been growing rapidly. Mid-2015 a decision has been made to expand the current bike facilities to accommodate all people with their equipment. Renovation started in November 2015 and it was completed in February 2016.

“In our company the number of people who travel to work by bicycle is growing steadily. Therefore we want to meet their needs. We expanded safe parking places, special changing rooms and increased the number of showers. Cyclists will now also have a self-service station which facilitates basic repairs to the vehicle. Fans of the two-wheelers are already praising these modern solutions and assuring that they will be happy to use them.” said Rafał Kajka, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Aviation, during the opening ceremony.

As of today, more than 20% of employees are cycling to work every day. It means that over 400 bikes will be stored in the new facility.