EDC Gas Power

Our Mission: to be the world class Gas Power Engineering Site, developing our people and delivering best solutions to the business and customers.

EDC’s Gas Power is an integral part of the global structure of GE Power. Our section of GE Gas Power was officially founded in EDC in 2007. In January 2016 we opened Gas Turbine Center. Today our business is developing even more rapidly than expected. This is the irrefutable proof of the success of the Gas Turbine Center and the correct choice of development path.

One of the main objectives pursued by the Gas Turbine Center is to introduce engineers to products that they are designing every day. GTC is a place of synergetic growth. We are focused on the Customer needs. We take part in product development, and support our clients both at the tender stage of the project and at the final  product implementation in the plant. This gives our engineers a unique opportunity to participate in the full product cycle, from conceptual design to installation and commissioning. This arrangement allows for more efficient process of product design. Components created by our engineers can be checked and tested at every stage of production, and if needed, necessary corrections can be made. We’re constantly supporting the development of our engineering teams. Our way of work helps us achieve better results every day.

Gas Turbine Center consists of:

  • Assembly Hall equipped with – among others – gas turbine simulator dedicated to training related mainly to the assembly and disassembly of the components
  • Repair Hall with specific processes rooms
  • Engineering design and services offices
  • Innovation Workshop designed to build 3D models to test new ideas

The feasibility of a gas turbine testing, innovative spaces, state of the art instrumentation and direct access to experienced and qualified automation engineers, programmers, designers and technicians make the established institution the only place with such a condensed technical expertise on the technological map of Europe.

Thanks to the nearly unlimited opportunities, EDC Gas Power cooperates with other GE Power centers in Poland – in Elbląg and Wrocław, realizing projects for such clients as e.g. Orlen Włocławek. We are also the 25% of all the engineering centers working for the global GE Power around the world.

We support the full life cycle of the product and show a great entrepreneurial spirit in finding ways to support our customer.