On 14th September 2011 two delegates from EDC had the pleasure to be guests of the Women’s Network Mega Event in Gdansk which was organized by BPH GE Capital Bank.

The agenda of the meeting was very impressive. We had a chance to take part in a discussion panel with women of success such as Kinga Baranowska, Ewa Plucińska, Dorota Soboniecka, Grażyna Utrata, Anna Raczyńska and Emilia Schomburg. It was really interesting to meet women working for different businesses, with different experience and in different age but all greatly satisfied with their jobs.

The background motif of the day was heart disease prevention and counteraction. All participants of the event wore red accessories to highlight the importance of this issue. One of the points of the agenda was Professor Danuta Czarnecka’s lecture during which we could learn something more about heart health care in every age.

Everyone participated in one training from a pre-proposed list including, among others: Time management, Savoir vivre, and Creative thinking. We also had a chance to support CSR during artistic workshops and all day we met each other and shared our opinions and observations about women’s career development and our private lives.

I participated in such an event for the first time and I would never have imagined that in one day only I would be able to meet so many intelligent and self-confident women eager to share their experience, give clear advice and spend good time on discussions.