The Women’s Network is a voluntary organization with the mission of fostering professional women’s development to attract, grow, and retain female talent throughout GE.

Is the Women’s Network a social club for female employees
at GE?

Above and beyond being a networking club for our female employees, the Women’s Network is a platform for women to grow and explore their full potential by providing them with variety of tools including information, education, professional development, workshops, and much more.

What are the benefits?

  • professional development and career growth
  • mentoring/coaching
  • forum to learn and to lead
  • sharing information on job opportunities
  • exchanging views with successful role models
  • getting to know peers within GE
  • career management advice from experts

How can a new employee join this network?

All female employees are automatically members of the network.
We hold events at each local hub and everyone (women, as well as men) is welcome to participate — no membership required.